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Discover How To Read Your Own Chart And The Chart Of Others With Accuracy And Ease (And Even Make Extra Money Doing It!)

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Mystic Tarot Masterclass

Special one-time offer, only $47!
Tarot and Astrology are the perfect pair! While Astrology predicts long-term events and gives you insight into your highest path, Tarot is a tool to see what’s happening right now and the subconscious things that may be in the way of stepping onto your highest path. In this Masterclass you’ll learn how to read Tarot, how to combine it with Astrology and have a lifelong tool to use to help you make decisions and gain insight into what’s happening in your life.

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Become Your Own Astrologer Program Reviews

Hello! I am part of the become your own astrologer course and just wanted to say I am LOVING it-and am hoping there will be more courses offered. You are simply amazing in the way you have laid out the content and I am so inspired for deeper learning (and I've only finished learning about the aspects!) I most definitely hope there will be more good stuff to come!

Thank you!

~ Dawne

Hi Andrea! I'm currently doing the rising women astrology course taught by you and I'm learning so much, thank you! I would love to keep learning from you!

~ Jessica

Thank you Andrea! This is a beautiful introduction. I feel so safe in this course right now and can't wait for what the next videos bring. (Just wanted to let you know about that before I dive deeeeeep.) :)

So much love!

~ Alexandra

Wow... was not expecting such a deep and inspiring introduction! had me in tears just breathing and settling in about why I was called to this course. I think this is going to be a winner... thank you!!

~ Jane

Thank you for this wonderful course. Thank you for settling my anxiety about knowing it all already... giving me permission to be kind and patient with myself.

~ Charlotte

Andrea, just loving this course. I think I will be one of your apprentices one day. ;) Never felt so much direction. Thank you so much for this course

~ Michelle

I just love this course. I hope there will be a level 2 and more to come. It's so well put together and gives so much great information in a clear, organized way.

~ Stacy

Loved this course and just want more!!! Loving Andreas approach to astrology and hoping to being able to be an apprentice :) Thank you for this amazing course!

~ Kate


Complete 10+ Sessions & Guided Exercises Over 6 Weeks.

Read Your Chart, Friends Charts, and Even Make Money Doing It.

See What Your Future Holds with Powerful Predictions.

Discover How To Find The Best Romantic Compatibility.

Use Your Chart to Become Confident, Radiant and in Love with Yourself!

Bonus #1 - Guided Signs Archetypes Meditation (Value: $50)

Bonus #2 - Private Members Only Facebook Group (Value: $75)

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